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Welcome to my shop! I am a stained-glass artist, and a crystal collector. I came up with the concept of fusing these two worlds together and Crystal Habitats was born. In mineralogy, crystal habit is the characteristic of the external shape of a crystal or crystal group. I love to create little worlds in my own work that plays off this meaning, from Habitat Altars that house crystals to Witch & Goddess boxes that include crystals. For me I use these as tools to help further one's own magic and also connects one to mother earth. 

In addition to my artistic passion, I am an avid collector and I love selling and talking about minerals. My husband and I started selling minerals and this is now included in my CH business. We like to find unique and natural pieces, we hand pick each piece and we include metaphysical and geological information...If there are specific pieces you are looking for, let us know and we will seek it out for you the best we can:) 

In addition,  If you want a custom stained-glass piece please message me at my contact page :) 


My full time job is actually working for a large mineral & crystal company. My work recognizes that not all mining sources are ethical, thus we work with companies that are recognized within the mineral community for ethically sourcing. Here are some of the operations I buy my materials from that you can look up:

Enter The Earth - family owned, here in the USA, they are the best to get ethically sourced material out of Madagascar (they mine it themselves)

Bonos of Peru - two brothers from Peru who source all of their own products

Top Gem & Obsidian and Opals of Mexico - two companies that specialize in products out of Mexico. Obsidian & Opals of Mexico is a family owned company, they are based in Mexico and do all of their own mining. 

MINEC Minerals of Brazil - 100% ethically sourced material direct from Brazil (they are at all the US shows, they love to talk about their process if you have any questions)

Corner Stone - is a US/Columbia company that is family owned and they do all of their own mining 

All the other quartz I get are from the Arkansas mines, which in the US are also ethically sourced.